Mission and Vision

Cornerstone Elim's mission is to develop disciples who:-
  • Worship God
  • Change lives
  • Transform Communities

Worshipping God

The worship of God has to come through a place of intimacy, worship and prayer. This works on three levels:
  1. The secret place - Our desire is to encourage, develop resources and equip individuals for personal devotion.
  2. The family place - Family is at the heart of God's plan for redemption. 2 Chronicles 7:14 "People who call on His name, humble themselves, pray and seek His face, healing for the nation will flow." Together as a church, we will seek His face!
  3. The public place - Worship is a lifestyle! Worship is not only priase, but obedience and living for God in this world. We are committed to callenge and equip the church family to live Christ centred lives in a fallen world.

Changing Lives

We are a church passionate about the lonely, the poor, the broken, the outcast, the abused, the addicted and the lost.  We are committed to changing lives through discipleship as well as seeing people coming to know Christ as their personal saviour. We seek healing and wholeness for the broken through Jesus Christ.

Transforming Communities

We believe that by the Holy Spirit taking hold of the people of God, this Nation will be changed. We will see transformation in our community by helping people to be better people. Transforming communities by supporting marriages, families, equipping with suitable financial management, support and health awareness. Through sending pastors, missionaries, doctors, nurses, teachers, workers and families, and by sending resources to communities around the world, we believe that we are on a journey to help transform communities.

Core Values

  • To accomplish our mission, we realise that we all must be willing to step out in faith and be led by the Holy Spirit
  • People matter to God and to us at Cornerstone Elim Church
  • The Good news of Jesus Christ's message transforms people's lives
  • The goal of our ministry is to transform people into fully devoted followers of Christ through Discipleship
  • Ministry and evangelism must be carried out in a relevant way
  • People must be treated gently and respectfully, through compassion
  • Through pastoral care, people need to be connected to a caring community
  • Our church will be generational, encouraging every Christian to explore and discover their God-given ministry